Eyebrow Piercing

An eyebrow piercing is a vertical piercing, where a twelve to eighteen gauge  needle is inserted through the bottom of the eyebrow and exits through the top of the eyebrow to permit insertion of jewelry. Those performing the piercing may use a clamp to better guide the needle through the skin. A curved barbell is the most common jewelry inserted post-piercing. The piercing is not painful at all. 

 Even though it takes a while to heal.The healing process takes a minimum of six weeks to eight weeks for the wound to close properly around the piercing, and it may be six months to a year before the jewelry can be removed for any length of time without the hole closing. It is common for an eyebrow piercing to produce a sticky white discharge or a crust around the jewelry during the healing process. After the piercing is completely changed you may change the jewelry as many times as you want.Image



This piercing is one of my favorite ever. I would love to have one. It seems so rare to have but interesting to get. For me it’s something nobody would really get because on others they might think it’s weird. Well that is my opinion. The septum is located  between your nose and it’s a pretty painful spot to get it.  Since in between your nose is thick and it can cause pain because of the thickness, I suppose. 

  It usually takes a few weeks to heal and you don’t really need anything to heal it because it heals by it self. Getting a septum is amazing because of the way it looks and the fact that you can flip your jewelry up so no one can know you have a jewelry  Well people only do that when they don’t want certain people to look at their piercing. Other then that septum’s are pretty awesome to have and I would like to get one, one day. Also it’s not that expensive ; probably the jewelry is but its around 40-50 dollars. Hopefully I get one soon , I really would love having one. Image

Glass Plugs

 Image Glass plugs are very interesting to wear. Since its made out of glass. Glass plugs have amazing plugs ever. They have images that you can see through. It’s like a figure in a glass. Glass plugs are seen through. So you pretty much can see the person the stretched ear.
The glass plugs are expensive. especially if you want the best looking one and better one. It’s expensive because this glass plug is good to wear when your ears are stretched. It’s safer than acrylic, plastic, and so on. It would be worth buying glass plugs, especially if you love plugs. Well that’s my opinion and I would buy these since they have the best designs. Also they look incredibly amazing. i just love glass plugs , it seems so unique.  





The name says it all on what it is about (stretching ears). This is a jewelry people wear for their ears.Of course they are to stretch your ears and the jewelry is to wear in your stretched ears. The best material to wear are surgical stainless steel is always best for fresh stretches. Using another material for pinchers isn’t good, the other materials like acrylic let out toxins into the body and that’s not safe to wear. 

   Pinchers don’t have the biggest sizes like they do for tapers or other kinds of plugs. Since the material is basically steel , there wouldn’t be a big size for it . Like 1  inch or more! That’s why you switch to a bigger plug. These pinchers are just another way to help you stretch your ears and its also safe to as a jewelry unlike tapers. Pinchers are more secure when you have the 0 rings on both side, that way it won’t come off during the days. 

Kaos Software


 These are silicones , which is made out of rubber. Kaos software are the best brand jewelry to wear for stretching your ears. They come in different colors . Also I’m sure they are the only brands that have up to the smallest size like 12g, 10 g , 8g and so on. These silicones are very comfortable and soft. There not like other silicones that are ruff or at times they come in stiff and which makes yours ear uncomfortable. Unlike the kaos software they are better to wear and more secure for your ears.

    A lot of people prefer stretching their ears with silicones instead of tapers. Since for most people is much easier and less painful. They use kaos software silicones to stretch their ears. They find it much easier to use and its very helpful because it can just go right in. You pretty much fold the silicone in half and put them in your ears. After that they pop up and its less painful when you are trying to stretch your  ears.  A lot of people recommend using this then any other brand for silicones.

monroe piercing

 A Monroe piercing is located above the top lip on the left handed side. I believe this piercing is called a monroe because of the actress Marilyn Monroe. Since she has a beauty mark above her lips. That where the piercing got its name. It has another name, which is crayfish but its more known as a monroe.

   This jewelry is made out of labret stud. Also the jewelry  comes in different size. It’s fitted with a 14, 16, or 18 gauge labret,the bars of which are usually shortened after healing. Its possible to stretch your gauge , that’s why it comes in different sizes. This piercing heals easily then the other piercings. It takes about 6-12 weeks and it’s not really painful. it’s just swollen for a week but then it will be healed completely after the weeks pass.  


Facts on Snake eyes

Its a piercing called snake eyes. It’s a painful piercing to get


Imageit is in your tongue. It’s pierced on the tip side of your tongue. The piercing they use is a barbell with an 16mm 316L Surgical Steel. It’s the most common barbell they use in almost every piecing. It’s possible to use another size or material , but it’s mainly surgical steel.

It takes a while for your piercing to heal. When you first get it , it will be swollen for a few weeks. it’s best to avoid food that are hot. Also eating cold food for a week can make the swelling go away faster. It almost takes a year for the piercing to be completely healed. Once its gets better , you can change your jewelry as many times as you want.