Taking care of your stretched ears

Before even stretching your ears you have to know what to use so it won’t painful to stretch them. It’s very important that your ears are clean and that they are never dry when you are trying to stretch them with tapers. If you don’t want your ears to rip its best to keep them moist when you are going to stretch. Also put cocoa oil or cream on your taper too so it wont painful. Once the taper goes in you leave them on for a week or so and switch them to plugs. Since it’s not really good to wear tapers for a long time. It’s only use for stretching not for wearing it as a jewelry.
If you feel like your ears are swollen or any type of pain you feel. Make sure you don’t touch it a lot , it may get worst. To avoid that try to use salt water in a can or use anti-bacterial soap to clean it.If you plan on stretching your ears bigger make sure you don’t rush yourself into stretching them. Stretching your ears takes time and patience. IF you stretched your ears to a big size and want to go bigger its best to wait 4-6 weeks to go to the next size. If you go to fast you may cause a blowout, which is when your ears starts to burn and bleed from the pressure you are putting your ears. As long as you don’t rush into stretching you would be fine.



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