Lip piercings

There are a lot of ways to pierce your lips. In different places and each has different names to it. Some piercings are called “bites” 1.Angel Bites, 2.Cyber Bites, 3.Spider Bites, 4.Snake Bites, 5.Vampire Bites, 6.Canine Bite. The only regular one is just called a lip piercing. Which is on one side of your lip. It’s either on your left or right side of your lips. The 1st one is located on top of your lips both left and right. The 2nd one is located in the middle of your upper lip and the middle of your lower lip. The 3rd one is on your left or right side of your lips but with two pierced hole together. The 4th one is located on your both left and right side lips. The 5th one is on your left side and two pierced but it’s more apart. The Last one is located on left and right top and bottom side of your lips. So in total there are 4 piercings.

  All these lips piercings are used for the same jewelry. Also it has the same size gauge, which is 16-18g. Also not just any jewelry you would buy can fit there, you have to know your size and length. Also you have to know the type of material to use and which is best to use for your lips piercing. Also It takes time to heal for most lip piercings are between 1 to 3 months. It’s very important that you know how to take care of it, like how to clean it each time a day. Also what type of soap to use to clean out the bacteria. After taking care of it well it well finally be completely healed.tumblr_mkt27zjycT1qmrdvro1_500 


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