Cheek Piercing

This piercing is not that common that a lot people would get. To only have this kind of piercing you need to have deep dimples. Which its located in the side of your cheeks. It looks good on people who’s dimples are deep so the jewelry would look like it’s going deep in the cheek. That’s how it makes it look amazing and it’s a great place to pierce when having dimples.  

 Cheek piercings are sometimes pierced with 1.6mm flat backed labret studs, but is mostly done with a regular barbell so the cheek tissues do not grow over the back of the jewelry.Like any other piercings it takes time to heal. Which this one takes a little more since it is pierced on your cheek and the jewelry is on the other side of your gum. Other then you would have to be careful in taking care of it. Since it is involved with your mouth you have to know how to heal it and take some time to do so. Image


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