All types of plugs

There is a lot of different types of plugs. Well for starters I’m not talking the plugs you may think you know,but I’m actually talking about plugs for ears. Which of course they are only used for stretched ears. Also plugs are different sizes, materials, designs,colors,etc. For starters the kind of materials that plugs are made out of are Acrylic Cat’s Eye Cubic Zirconia Formica Glass Plated Horn & Bone Stainless Steel Stone TikiWood and just many more!
Also these plugs have many type of designing’s like Animal Print Black Blue Clear Flesh Green Orange Pink Purple Rainbow Red White and possibly more. These type designs are the ones I’ve seen and know about. There are probably more new designs out there! I know there are over a thousand designs on plugs. They are very amazing and magnificent. There not just any simple designs, these type of designs are rare, beautiful, unique, and just different. Lastly plugs come in many, many sizes! Which the first ones are 18g 12g 10g 8g 6g 4g 2g 0g 00g 7/16g 1/2g 9/16g 5/8g and it continues until you reach 1 inch. If it’s possible you can pass 1 inch and actually have a customize plug above 1 inch. Since plugs are up to 1 inch. it’s possible to get customize one to the bigger size you want. Honestly in my opinion plugs are just incredibly unique, it’s something I find interesting in.


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