Taking care of your stretched ears

Before even stretching your ears you have to know what to use so it won’t painful to stretch them. It’s very important that your ears are clean and that they are never dry when you are trying to stretch them with tapers. If you don’t want your ears to rip its best to keep them moist when you are going to stretch. Also put cocoa oil or cream on your taper too so it wont painful. Once the taper goes in you leave them on for a week or so and switch them to plugs. Since it’s not really good to wear tapers for a long time. It’s only use for stretching not for wearing it as a jewelry.
If you feel like your ears are swollen or any type of pain you feel. Make sure you don’t touch it a lot , it may get worst. To avoid that try to use salt water in a can or use anti-bacterial soap to clean it.If you plan on stretching your ears bigger make sure you don’t rush yourself into stretching them. Stretching your ears takes time and patience. IF you stretched your ears to a big size and want to go bigger its best to wait 4-6 weeks to go to the next size. If you go to fast you may cause a blowout, which is when your ears starts to burn and bleed from the pressure you are putting your ears. As long as you don’t rush into stretching you would be fine.



Dermal Piercings

Dermal piercings are located in just random places on your body. A lot of people don’t really get these , just rarely. Also its something that it isn’t common like the others piercings such as lip piercings, nose, tongue, and etc. Its something unlikely that someone would do. Well these piercings are Dermal Piercing Finger,Dermal Piercing Chest,Face, Eye, Ears, Wrist, Lower Back and etc. These are basically pierced anywhere near your bone it but the piercing won’t touch it , it would just be near it. For example if you get a piercing on to top of hand a professional would have to go through your tissue and stick a dermal anchor and its a little curve that would go in your skin. After that they will screw the ball on top. The piercings would just pretty much look like dots or balls on your hand , eye , neck etc.
After getting that its simple to take care of it, in order to can heal. The area needs to be cleaned on a daily basis to prevent infection and other health complications.Use salt with water. Use a cotton ball with this solution and use it to gently wash the pierced area. Its best to be done twice a day. Just to keep it clean at all time.



Tongue piercing is one of the most common to have and simplest piercing out there. It’s just pierced in the middle of your tongue. On the other hand other tongue piercings are pierced in different forms. Only this one is the simplest one.To avoid that you would want to size down the length of the barbell after the swelling. The size that you are pierced with at first is longer. The length can be dangerous to your teeth if you wear it a lot.
Not only is it easier to bite because of it’s length, it also can do damage while it has pressure from the bottom ball on your gums.Also to avoid it is to not play or bite your piercing that is another way to ruin your teeth.
It can take 3 – 4 weeks to fully heal. It is one of the fastest healing piercings. Swelling generally lasts for the first 10 – 14 days. Rinse twice a day with mouthwash. Also rinsing with saltwater helps a lot.

All types of plugs

There is a lot of different types of plugs. Well for starters I’m not talking the plugs you may think you know,but I’m actually talking about plugs for ears. Which of course they are only used for stretched ears. Also plugs are different sizes, materials, designs,colors,etc. For starters the kind of materials that plugs are made out of are Acrylic Cat’s Eye Cubic Zirconia Formica Glass Plated Horn & Bone Stainless Steel Stone TikiWood and just many more!
Also these plugs have many type of designing’s like Animal Print Black Blue Clear Flesh Green Orange Pink Purple Rainbow Red White and possibly more. These type designs are the ones I’ve seen and know about. There are probably more new designs out there! I know there are over a thousand designs on plugs. They are very amazing and magnificent. There not just any simple designs, these type of designs are rare, beautiful, unique, and just different. Lastly plugs come in many, many sizes! Which the first ones are 18g 12g 10g 8g 6g 4g 2g 0g 00g 7/16g 1/2g 9/16g 5/8g and it continues until you reach 1 inch. If it’s possible you can pass 1 inch and actually have a customize plug above 1 inch. Since plugs are up to 1 inch. it’s possible to get customize one to the bigger size you want. Honestly in my opinion plugs are just incredibly unique, it’s something I find interesting in. piercing-plug-plugs-taper-tapers-Favim.com-122659

Lip piercings

There are a lot of ways to pierce your lips. In different places and each has different names to it. Some piercings are called “bites” 1.Angel Bites, 2.Cyber Bites, 3.Spider Bites, 4.Snake Bites, 5.Vampire Bites, 6.Canine Bite. The only regular one is just called a lip piercing. Which is on one side of your lip. It’s either on your left or right side of your lips. The 1st one is located on top of your lips both left and right. The 2nd one is located in the middle of your upper lip and the middle of your lower lip. The 3rd one is on your left or right side of your lips but with two pierced hole together. The 4th one is located on your both left and right side lips. The 5th one is on your left side and two pierced but it’s more apart. The Last one is located on left and right top and bottom side of your lips. So in total there are 4 piercings.

  All these lips piercings are used for the same jewelry. Also it has the same size gauge, which is 16-18g. Also not just any jewelry you would buy can fit there, you have to know your size and length. Also you have to know the type of material to use and which is best to use for your lips piercing. Also It takes time to heal for most lip piercings are between 1 to 3 months. It’s very important that you know how to take care of it, like how to clean it each time a day. Also what type of soap to use to clean out the bacteria. After taking care of it well it well finally be completely healed.tumblr_mkt27zjycT1qmrdvro1_500 

Cheek Piercing

This piercing is not that common that a lot people would get. To only have this kind of piercing you need to have deep dimples. Which its located in the side of your cheeks. It looks good on people who’s dimples are deep so the jewelry would look like it’s going deep in the cheek. That’s how it makes it look amazing and it’s a great place to pierce when having dimples.  

 Cheek piercings are sometimes pierced with 1.6mm flat backed labret studs, but is mostly done with a regular barbell so the cheek tissues do not grow over the back of the jewelry.Like any other piercings it takes time to heal. Which this one takes a little more since it is pierced on your cheek and the jewelry is on the other side of your gum. Other then you would have to be careful in taking care of it. Since it is involved with your mouth you have to know how to heal it and take some time to do so. Image

Eyebrow Piercing

An eyebrow piercing is a vertical piercing, where a twelve to eighteen gauge  needle is inserted through the bottom of the eyebrow and exits through the top of the eyebrow to permit insertion of jewelry. Those performing the piercing may use a clamp to better guide the needle through the skin. A curved barbell is the most common jewelry inserted post-piercing. The piercing is not painful at all. 

 Even though it takes a while to heal.The healing process takes a minimum of six weeks to eight weeks for the wound to close properly around the piercing, and it may be six months to a year before the jewelry can be removed for any length of time without the hole closing. It is common for an eyebrow piercing to produce a sticky white discharge or a crust around the jewelry during the healing process. After the piercing is completely changed you may change the jewelry as many times as you want.Image