Flesh Tunnels

Flesh tunnels are tunnels you use in your ears. They are only used for stretched ears. These are for people who have their gauge in their ears bigger then how it normally is. The sizes they have is from 0.040 inches up to 1’inch. It is possible to go higher then it can be. They many different type of sizes and the flesh tunnels look different.

This jewelry is fun to wear and it’s very fashionable  They have many type of designs and they are very nice. The tunnels are made out of different type of materials. The materials they have are surgical steel, titanium, stone, silicone, acrylic glass, Pyrex glass, bamboo and wood. These materials are each formed different, yet in the middle they have a tunnel. Which is why it has its name. Some tunnels have o rings. they are a black ring that goes in the back of the jewelry. That helps it from not falling out of your ears. Others have double flares and they are better to wear because it wouldn’t fall off. Some have screw off and they are easy to remove and to put back in. There is a bunch and there designs are amazing. These are very comfortable to wear

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Tapers are basically used to stretch your ears. Only to stretch your ear lobes and making the gauge a bigger size. They are not to wear for a fashion like plugs , spiral , tunnels and etc. It is just to stretch your ears. Tapers are never to be worn as a jewelry only because it isn’t safe. It can make the back of ear lobes uneven. since the tapers are long and sharp ends. You can only wear tapers for a short period of time. Perhaps 1 week or so until you get to your size you want. Then you can change them to plugs.

Some tapers are made out of plastic , metal , clay, and etc. They come in many sizes. it depends on what size gauge you want. Its from thin to thick . they come up to 1-inch . Which is a lot. Tapers also have o-rings. They are black rings that hold your tapers from slipping out when you are stretching them. Usually tapers can come out when your sleeping and its better to have two 0-rings. there would be on the front and back of your ear lobe. it keeps it more secure. Other then that tapers are just mainly used for stretching nothing else. It helps a lot but I recommend to not use tappers for a long time , only for awhile and then change it to plugs

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Spiral Plugs

Spiral Plugs are plugs to wear in your ear. They come in different types of forms and colors.Spiral Plugs have amazing designs and wonderful colors. Spiral plugs are usually worn for  people who gauged there ears. Spiral Plugs also come in different sizes some are long , short , wide thin,thick , etc. It just depends on what gauge you have in your ear. They are very comfortable to wear and they have no type of weight in the earring(spiral plugs).
In my opinion spiral plugs looks better when it’s a small size because if it’s too big it wouldn’t look right.Also it would be hanging from your ear. Other then that it looks amazing to wear and has different forms.That’s why it’s called a spiral because of the form it makes. It’s really unique on how they made those kind of plugs look different from the regular ones. Since plugs are usually round.



Organic wood rose plugs









plastic plugs. Organic Wood Rose Plugs are plugs that are hand made. They are very comfortable to wear and they have great designing’s. These plugs are only used for people who have stretched ears. They are safe to wear, since it’s organic wood instead of plastic or anything that isn’t good to wear.These Wooded plugs come in different form shape not just a rose, it can be a heart, square, etc.I recommend that wooded plugs are way better to use then any other plugs.
Since these plugs are organic they will be expensive. Just because of what it is made out of and the designing it has. I would love to buy one these because they look absolutely beautiful to wear. It’s amazing and especially that is made out of wood. Also these rose bud are hand made. They are one of the best plugs out there and they say homemade plugs are best to wear for your stretched ears and I agree with that.